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Chapter 1: The Dread Tailor

Chapter 2: Untitled Mountain Adventure


  • The Party
  • Wizard in Ch1
  • Wizard's apprentice
  • Steve the Goblin
  • Geoff the Dread Tailor
  • steam mephit
  • (other people of note in Ch1?)
  • Stacey the Gnoll (what was the name of the gnoll band leader?!)
  • ice mephit
  • Wight, name unknown
  • White Dragon
  • Wizard to the south
  • Vecna, god of necromancy
  • the other necromancy Big Bad

Should also list deities and other characters invented/referenced by PCs


Need to find map(s), list notable/known locations

Plus Fantasy Costco


Important magic items?

Cursed ring/key/thing

Pages from the necromantic cookbook

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