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* [[Shut up and take my money gifs]]
* [[Shut up and take my money gifs]]
* [[Mine! gifs]]
* [[Mine! gifs]]
[[File: applause.gif | alt="A large audience of people rises to their feet to applaud"]]
[[File: Bones-cheers.gif | alt="Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek raises a glass and nods his head"]]
[[File: data-yes-fist-pump.gif | alt="Data from Star Trek the Next Generation yells yes and does a very un-Data-like fist pump (twice)"]]
[[File: the-bathhouse-is-cheering.gif | alt="The guests at the bathhouse in Spirited Away cheer Sen's success"]]
[[File: Plan-3.jpg | alt="Hannibal from the TV show The A Team with a thumbs up and the caption I love it when a plan comes together."]]
==Well, yeah==
==Well, yeah==

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Well, yeah

"President Obama looks pensive, then grins"

"Bill Murray from Caddyshack saying so I've got that going for me, which is nice"

"Life, uh, life finds a way"

Shut up and take my money

"From Futurama, Fry says shut up and take my money"


"From Finding Nemo, a rock full of seagulls yelling MINE"

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