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Design tools I love to use. And by "love" I mean I choose these over the alternatives every time.


  • EZGif helps you rip and optimize animated GIFs.
  • After Effects allows you to do animations and other work.


The shit that keeps us all working together smoothly....

  • Doodle lets everyone weigh in on what time the meeting / event / Thanksgiving is
  • Every Time Zone shows all the time zones lined up visually so you can see what you're scheduling


  • PX to EM converts pixels to Ems
  • Letter Count lets you paste in a string and find out how many characters it is.


  • CanIUse tells you which browsers support the HTML/CSS/JS capabilities you want to use, so you can plan accordingly.


See Category:Color and Colorblindness for additional color tools and Category: Cascading Style Sheets for CSS tools that make gradients and stripes and the like easier.

Content Generators

For image generators see Stock Photography below.


  • Pandoc is a command-line tool for converting from one file format (such as HTML) to another (such as MediaWiki)


See Category: Cascading Style Sheets


  • Sketch is my preferred wireframing tool. That's a big deal, because I thought I'd probably wireframe in Photoshop or Visio (!!) for my whole career.
  • Figma is a close second.
  • Omnigraffle is my preferred every-other-diagram tool. I do process flows, site maps, occasionally wireframes, and everything else under the sun in it for work. For home I do everything from timelines (it's kind of hard for timelines) to sketches of the new deck, to family trees or "what is that neighbor's name?" maps.
  • Optimal Workshop is my preferred tool for card sorts.
  • Nobody can avoid Photoshop or Illustrator, and I prefer Dreamweaver for code.
  • I do a lot of storyboarding and design comics with the images from Design Comics
  • UXpressia is the tool all the researchers in my life are talking about for doing journey maps.

Google Apps



  • SVGOMG for everything you want to do to streamline SVGs
  • Blobmaker for making colorful blobs and downloading them as SVGs.

Social Media

  • Thread Reader - for "unrolling" Twitter threads and making them easier to read

Stock Photography

Diversity-aware stock photography

Stock photo generators

Other stock photo sources

  • Morguefile - one of the earliest photo sources I’ve used, with lots of high-res photos.
  • Pexels

Time Management

  • Asana is my preferred to-do / agile / kanban board. (It does both multi-column boards *and* plain lists.) It also will timeline things that have dates on them. I currently use it to track both my work responsibilities (through work boards that are funded) and my writing/fiction responsibilities (through a free board). When my Asana boards are up to date I feel like I have some bit of control over my life.
  • Every Time Zone shows a graphic display of what time it is where you and and where it is everywhere else, so it's easier to plan meetings and such
  • Doodle is my current go-to for "I need these 8 distributed people to figure out when we're going to do a thing" whether it's a meeting across companies or a family picnic


  • Type Scale lets you choose a typographical scale for your content headers.

UX Thinking



See Category: Writing for writing tools.


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