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This section contains information about the act of writing, whether it's fiction or nonfiction, UX or Design or something else. For literature, poetry, etc. see Category: Reading

Writing advice



Story Structure

The hard bits: the actual words

Naming things

Names I've saved because I like them

Editing, Business, and Selling


Tools I use

Tools I haven't tried

  • After the Deadline promises to be a better spellchecker and grammar checker. I haven't tried it but it does have a demo section on the site.
  • Hemingway App is a much-loved product for looking at your writing style, detecting things like weak verbs, complex words, and other things that make your writing harder to read. It includes a reading level calculator.
  • Readable is another product I haven't tried, but it appears to do roughly the same things as After the Deadline and Hemingway.
  • Wonderdraft is a fictional map creator.
  • Worldbuilding on Stack Exchange is a social media site for world building discussions

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