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See Colorblindness for additional color tools and Category: Cascading Style Sheets for CSS tools that make gradients and stripes and the like easier.

Color History

Perceiving Color

  • Does Your Language Shape How You Think? by Guy Deutscher in the New York Times magazine discusses, among other things, how languages that don't differentiate between green and blue result in people who have more trouble perceiving difference between them.
  • Colour Assignment - Associations by Joe Hallock outlines different ways that we associate color with emotions and ideas, primarily from the view of an American / Western audience.
  • The XKCD Color Survey Results is a sometimes-hilarious look at a survey on colors that the author of the XKCD comic did. It's very revealing about how we perceive color and how much (or how little) patience we have for thinking about it.

Using Color

  • Gradients explains the different types of gradients and some of the reasons you’d use them.
  • Never use black outlines why #00000 should be banned from your color list.

Color Palettes and Tools



Other tools

  • Pictaculous generates color palettes based on a photograph you upload.
  • Color Combo Tester lets you put a few columns of colors next to each other while fiddling with a palette

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