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Ethics is a big topic. It should be. The decisions we make as designers affect everything about the product.

Right now this article is a dumping ground.

Our responsibilities

  • A three part plan to save the world by Erica Hall argues that "a good experience" isn't necessarily good; not for the user, not for the business, and not Good as in ethical or right. She proposes a method of value-centered design, which would put the values we want to foster for the user and the organization (and the overall world). To do that, she advocates for combining the customer journey map with a business journey map, and a journey map of how the product affects the overall world. This will show where things are of value and to whom. From there, it's easier to find the gaps, discuss the gaps, and improve them.
  • The World-Wide Work, a talk by Ethan Marcotte on what it means to work in our industry and how we can use combined in strength in the labor movement to change the world.
  • A page from Squirrel Girl, Issue 17, is what i most frequently point to when I'm asked what ethics for Designers looks like. It looks like ethics for Engineers.
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Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are tricks used to manipulate users into doing things they otherwise wouldn't do.

Types of Dark Patterns documents a whole bunch of these so that we can avoid using them.

  • Bait and Switch
  • Disguised Ads
  • Forced Continuity
  • Friend Spam
  • Hidden Costs
  • Misdirection
  • Price Comparison Prevention
  • Privacy Zuckering
  • Roach Motel
  • Sneak Into Basket
  • Trick Questions

Are notifications dark patterns? discusses the fact that notifications have grown from something that people need to know to distractions.

Asshole-Driven Development by Scott Berkun is a post full of dark patterns in designing your org. Also includes Cover Your Ass Engineering, Get Me Promoted Methodology, and about 200 more.

Example sites

Bad Forms - a website full of examples of bad forms. Looks like the last update was in 2015, but still a treasure trove. The Cruelest Opt-Out Forms - how to look like an asshole when someone says "I want to unsubscribe" or "I don't want to sign up for your mailing list".

Hiring and Interviewing

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