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  • Questions to ask for any UX Project by Steve "Doc" Baty outlines the basic elements of "who are we building for and why" at a level that any business organization should be able to answer before proceeding.

Card Sorts

Competitive Analysis

Contextual Inquiry

Empathy Mapping


Journey Maps

Legal things to keep in mind

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and User Research by Steph Troeth and Erica Kucharczyk for Design Research Matters.


User Personas

User personas are a way to describe the users of a system. Personas and the role of design documentation by Andrew Hinton goes into detail about the intent of personas as a method and deliverable, and some of the pitfalls that can result when we treat the persona documentation as more important than the persona creation.

Design Personas

Design Personas are similar to User Personas in that they describe attitudes, beliefs, and personality. They're different because the persona being described is not a person, but rather the product being designed. In Designing for Emotion Aaron Walter describes the following fields for Design Personas:

  • Brand name - the company or service
  • Overview - what makes it unique?
  • Personality Image - an image of a person who embodies the traits you wish to include in your grand
  • Brand Traits - 5-7 traits you want your product to have, and at least one you want to avoid
  • Personality Map - a map on an X/Y axis of your brand - friendly to unfriendly, and submissive to dominant
  • Voice - if your brand could talk, what would it say? how would it speak?
  • Copy Examples - pretty much what it says on the tin
  • Visual Lexicon - overview of the colors, typography, and visual style that conveys your brand's personality
  • Engagement Methods - the emotional engagement methods used to support the design persona and create a memorable experience

Additional Resources


Usability Testing

User Scenarios

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