Nope gifs

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Animated GIFs

"an octopus scurrying across the bottom of the ocean as if running away by with the words nope nope nope nope across the top of the image"

"Danny DeVito shaking his head nope."

"A bunch of penguins shaking their head nope."

"A corgi, probably from an anime show, bouncing out of a scene with a bunch of nope captions"

"May lying face down in the rain from My Neighbor Totoro"

"A badger coming toward the camera, changing its mind, and doing a lot of nope captions as it runs away including one very large Fuck It and a an aaaaaaaaah as it falls off a hill"

"Fox Mulder from The X Files burying his head in his arms on his desk"

"Zoom in on Captain Kirk standing under a dead tree on a hostile planet as he's captioned as saying you've gotta be shitting me"

"Tom Hanks stretches his fingers, makes a big deal of hitting a button on his computer keyboard, and the next scene is a mushroom cloud."


"An illustration of a hand squirting a squirt bottle as one would if chastising a cat or dog, captioned No."