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What is UX Design?

UX is like the Articles of Confederacy version of the US. Not well federated, and everything wants to be one foot in and one foot out.~Dylan Wilbanks

User Experience Design is a discipline of disciplines, which at the highest level describes any design done to a product or experience with the focus being on the user's experience. Contrast against Client Experience Design where the goal is to please the person paying for it, User Experience Design is the practice of designing with both the end user's goals and the business goals, so that appropriate trade-offs can be made to ensure that the end user gets the best experience possible while business goals are still achieved.

UX is not:

  • Front-end web design
  • A fine arts discipline
  • Graphic design
  • User Interface

Lawrence Zheng in his post Designing UX for the Non-UX Person outlines more detail about User Experience.


The best way to describe roles in User Experience Design is this diagram based on Dan Saffer's work as visualized by envis precisely. Disciplines UX.jpg

From Visually

Infographic: The Intricate Anatomy of UX Design by Mark Wilson covers Dan Saffer's diagram in a lot more detail.

Role details

Return on Investment

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