COVID-19 History and Resources

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This is my collection of COVID-19 resources, because shit, sometimes history is happening right the fuck now.

Some of this will probably disappear or become less useful as the internet ROTs but until then I've got a log.

(I've also got a journal, but it's on paper, so y'all are going to have to live without that.)


I'm not commenting on which ones are the most reliable because frankly I don't know.

The Science

The coronavirus explained and what you should do (as of March, 2020)

What is exponential growth?

Simulations of various scenarios surrounding the population and spread of the disease

  • COVID CRUSH allows you to run similar simulations yourself

Is this COVID-19 or just allergies?

How the test works (in the US...)

Other research

What it's like to be a medical professional right now

Social Distancing

What it is, why it works....



Watch Philadelphia aerial drone footage of COVID-19 quarantine shelter in place, no people/traffic


What's still open during the quarantine


Where to order wholesale food, Philadelphia edition

Food distributors now sell restaurant-quality meat and produce directly to consumers by Michael Klein on The Philadelphia Inquirer


Beer distributors are still open for beer, soda, ice, etc. in bulk or smaller.


What comes next

Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19

Vaccines and COVID-19

Technology's role